Friday, April 5, 2013

Without complaining too much or sounding like a broken record, things are still a little hard around here. I haven't journaled much about us because most things are the same: we are still wearing our winter coats well into April and expecting some snow today. Everyone keeps saying that spring is going to come, it's on its way, but I am starting not to believe them and forgetting what spring is even like.  I have kept busy with hand lettering though and that has given me something to do and enjoy, and more importantly hope. Hope that the sun will keep shining and the air will warm up, hope that my talents will develop and I will get more projects to work on. It is a wonderful thing, hope, because it brings me to the next day excited.

I  will say this little guy is the best thing to happen to us and am pretty convinced that he is the reason we have gotten (still getting) through this winter. My sister said it looks like he ate a balloon! Ha, it does but it's also because he was trying to hold himself up while I was kissin all up on him.

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