-22 Degrees

Monday, February 4, 2013

What do we do around here when it is 50 degrees below freezing? Nothing. But if you do feel like doing something you can bundle up in your coziest and take a drive. That way you are warm and can get out of the house.

I thought it was worth noting the coldest day I have ever been in. Last week when I went to leave for work it was -22F! That's not wind chill- just plain air temperature. Over the weekend it was a little warmer, I think only -5, but still a little chilly for quality play time outside with Wesley. The poor guy just wants to play outside so bad but when we are out there for longer then 10 minutes he starts alternating which feet he stands on and his leash freezes to his collar. Also worth noting, the snow was the deepest I have ever seen it here**. We were trekking through the snow and in some places it was up to my knees, Wesley was basically swimming in in. **I guess it wasn't the deepest I have ever seen. When we came to interview about 3 years ago the drifts and piles of snow were taller then our car... but it is the deepest since I have lived here.

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