DIY Easy Reupholstered Ottoman

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A couple months ago we got a new chair for our living room. And if you get a new chair for your living room you are going to want something to put your feet up on when you sit in it. So instead of spending a bunch of money on an ottoman we decided to (kind of) make one. The options to make one from scratch involved a lot of supplies, time and more energy then we wanted to put into it so we decided to find something that we mostly liked and make it something we love. We found this ottoman on the upper left from Target and just put some fabric over it- simple as that.

How to easily reupholster a stool/ottoman:
-- Find a stool/ottoman you like the general shape and legs of. We found ours at Target: a fan of the wood base of not of the fabric.
-- Get some fabric you like to cover your ottoman in. I chose a grey wool felt from Joanns. It was a nice neutral that would look good with the rest of our room and through different seasons.
-- We unscrewed the top cushion from the wood base (it was like 5 screws)
-- Put your cushion down on your fabric and trace an outline of it adding about 1" or more for seam allowance. I always like to add a little bit more seam allowance because I can take it in later if it is too big. Cut piece out (piece A).
-- Also cut a piece the height (plus 5") and circumference (plus 2"). This is the piece that wraps around the cushion (piece B).
-- Sew piece B to piece A by taking the long edge of piece B and sewing it around the edge of piece A. Similar to this tutorial- without the piping and second circle.
-- Turn right side out, slip over your cushion and make sure it fits the way you want it.
-- Take the extra height from piece B and staple it to the bottom of your cushion.
-- Match the screw holes and put your legs back on. Ta da! You have a new ottoman with a new slip cover.

Here is a video of me trying to trace out the cushion on my fabric and Wesley helping me :) My favorite part is when he gets scared/excited at second 29- that is how he always gets when we play.

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