Last Weekend

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Last weekend we got a major snow storm, I think something like 10 inches where we are. This weekend though the sun is out, it is much colder but the branches all have that beautiful frozen dew on them, and then they start to sparkle in the sunlight.

 Here are some snow pictures from last weekend...

^^I got all bundled up to play with Wesley outside since it was too cold and too much snow to walk through to get to any of the parks. We threw the ball back and forth in the driveway./ Scott just got done shoveling part of our driveway Sunday night so we could drive over the huge (2ft!) mound of snow the snow plows blocked us in with. Isn't it crazy how much it was snowing?! That is what all those white streaks are in that photo with Scott.

 ^^The branches outside our house. What they looked like this fall/ Our pretty street
^^There is no more room for snow behind the gate where we park our cars/ Wesley done playing and wanting to go inside.

The storm was so crazy: most business were closed on Monday (ours was closed till 10A), our jetta would have bottomed out in our driveway and gotten stuck if we would have tried to drive it, we almost got the truck stuck in a drift, Scott made a snow angle and Wesley just loved it and was going crazy! Here is a funny video of him running in circles to prove it. It is a long video but pretty funny how he just charges through the snow.

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