Watercolor Calligraphy Thank You Cards

Friday, October 3, 2014

Another one of those, I should have thought of that sooner items I just listed in my shop.  My sister called me one day and said she had been shopping and looking for some thank you cards and couldn't find any that she loved so she asked me to make her some. I immediately said yes and we got to work designing a bunch of different colors and ideas for cards. 
She decided on wanting the card to say 'Thank You' instead of 'Thanks' but I think they both look so great that I thought I would include them both.  Right now I am selling the cards individually, but if anyone was interested, I could sell them in sets.  I also can offer custom colors if you don't love the swatches (and I also have some colors that aren't shown!)- jus send me an email or message.
If you wanted your own set of cards or even just one, head over to my shop and let me know which one! Thanks for looking!

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