Nevada Photo Journal: Summer 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We got to spend a lot of the summer back at my home. Wesley loved getting a huge backyard to run free in and play with all the new dogs around there. I loved getting to spend some great time with my family swimming, in the garden, canning, relaxing (a lot) by the pool and meeting up with friends. It really was a dream summer being home so much. Wesley wasn't a huge fan of the pool (he did fall in once and Bobo jumped in to rescue him! Thanks Bobo), but on hot days he would get to the first step or the tanning ledge. He loved all the attention he got from my family (Jimmy pretty much adopted him and Wesley followed him everywhere, where as my Dad would play with him and Wesley would always follow my Mom around the backyard and go on walks with her) and would be so tired out he would frequently put himself to bed. My family has a huge garden and I got to help my mom can a ton  (almost literally) of tomatoes! His new friends here were: Sadie, Jeffrey, Charlee (our cat which he wasn't too sure of and was always howling at her but she didn't care), Napoleon, Bowie, Ben, Lyla, Titan and Tater. Oh and he definitely gained at least 5 pounds here eating Sadie and Jeffrey's dog food that was left out. 

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