California Photo Journal: Summer 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wesley got to meet the ocean! We spent two weeks in California; one week in northern California and a week in Southern California. I consider myself so blessed to get to spend so much time in such a beautiful state. I had never spent a lot of time in Northern California and it was so beautiful and so much different then what I was used to in Southern California. I helped with a friend's wedding wedding for a week and Bobo and Wesley came along. We had so much fun crafting, hand lettering and setting up the wedding. We also got to see elephant seals up there since they are always lounging all over a certain beach near Hearst's Castle. Our whole family came up for the wedding and then we all drove down the coast to spend a week with friends in San Diego.

On our way, my Mom and I stopped to visit my uncle, cousin and grandma. As I type this I can't believe how lucky I am to have gotten to visit so much family and friends in such beautiful places. We got to hang out all night with my cousin and meet up with my grandma for lunch the next day. Katelyn and I continued on to San Diego so she could also have a vacation for a couple days. Down in San Diego, we were with great family and friends where Wesley got to walk the beach and waves a couple times (which he loved but was a little unsure of it) and run through the back yard with Napoleon and Chauncey. We basically all relaxed, stared at the beach, did some shopping, lots of jacuzzi-ing and making lots of delicious food. His new friends up north were: Norman, Suzy, Fred and Molly- oh and he met Lucky the bull which he really didn't like. His friends down south were: Chauncey and Napoleon.

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