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Monday, January 6, 2014

It is worth noting that it is freezing around here, like they said on the news you would legitimately freeze and get frost bite within minutes if you spent much time outside.  The air temperature hasn't been anything crazy around here... just in the -20s (like -25 this morning).  I say it isn't crazy because it has happened before and we frequently have weeks in the -10 to -15 range.  What is crazy is what they call this 'polar vortex' which has brought this arctic air down with wind chill temperatures in the -50 to -70 range... yeah, crazy.  Some people I know don't believe in 'wind chill', but I can tell you first hand that wind with anything this cold cuts through any sort of barrier you try to wear and feels like it cuts you.  The wind chill is what closed churches and schools today and canceled almost all forms of transportation (airplanes, buses and cars).Picture above from when it was a bit warmer outside here in Fargo.  We frequently take Wesley on walks alongside the frozen river and Scott and Wesley love to race each other on the path.

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