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Friday, November 29, 2013

I obviously have had an urge to change up some pillows over here (and have one more to show you!) but I thought I would show you a quick (like took me less than an hour or two) pillow update. I have a couple blank white Ikea pillow covers and have gotten a bit tired of them. I saw this pillow at Anthropologie and loved it and also knew what I would be doing to my Ikea pillow cover. I want to make this is additional colors too, but thought a classic black and white one would be perfect for us right now. 

A bit of easy math...
I first figured out how many larger stripes I wanted (three, in my case). Then I estimated how many rows of pom pom trim I would need to make the three big stripes (five smaller rows of pom pom trim to make one larger black stripe). I measured my pillow and multiplied that, in my case, times 5 (for the rows of trim) times 3 (to make the larger stripes)... and then I rounded that number up a bit because you never want to by left with not enough. I bought my trim from this etsy shop.

Measure where you want your larger stripes on your pillow and mark them. Since I was sewing to an already made pillow case, I started with the stripe furthest from the zipper (to get the hardest part over first). I sewed five rows of trim (with coordinating color thread) in the vicinity of my marked line, making sure to sew the trim as close as possible to each other. I repeated sewing five rows of trim in the middle and then again closer to the zipper. Done.

If you were making a case from scratch, I would recommend cutting out your fabric in the size you want as the pillow cover; marking the place where you want the stripes; sewing your trim to the front of your fabric (this part you will find much easier compared to sewing to an already made case) and then sewing three sides closed to make your case, closing off with a zipper or a fold. 

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