Easy DIY Microwaveable Rice Bags

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I have been having some bad jaw pain and heard that a warm heating bag will help relax the muscles. Well I went to town sewing up some of these and couldn't believe how easy they were to make. Turns out they also have been great to heat up on cold nights and warm us up, relieve a sore neck or back and even calm a stomach ache. My favorite is to heat one up and put it on my chest when I am chilled and it warms my whole body.

I made a couple different sizes for us based on the fabric scraps I had on hand.
What you will need:
Fabric scraps in the shape you would like (long rectangles make for nice neck wraps)
Dried lavender
Lavender essencial oil (optional)
Sewing machine

-Mix 3:1 rice to dried lavender in a bowl (you can add more lavender to your preference) and add a couple shakes of lavender essential oil. Mix.
-Sew up three sides of your fabric scraps. Turn right side out.
-Fill half way to three-quarters of the way full of your sewn bag with the rice and lavender mixture. You don't want it all the way full!
-Sew last side of rice bag closed.
-Heat in microwave for 1-2 minutes. We found that 2 minutes makes it pretty warm but when it cools down a bit it is perfect.

This is a much more organized way of making these. Truthfully, I sewed my scraps, poured rice in, poured some lavender in and put a couple shakes of lavender oil in. Then I sewed them closed and warmed them up. Either way it all works out and is lovely. They make great gifts too!

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