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Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is a big deal guys. I poured myself my very first cup of coffee on Friday (a couple weeks ago). In the past I have always enjoyed coffee flavored foods (like Starbucks ice creams or tiramasu) but could never stand the taste of an actual cup of coffee.

On the Thursday before my first own cup, a fellow co worker poured me half a styrofoam cup worth of coffee and then put a big splash of Cold Stone Creamer in there and it was divine. So Friday, I took the plunge and poured my very own cup of coffee. As a classic newbie, I filled it too high in my little styrofoam cup, therefore spilling it all over my hands as I walked to the fridge to get some of that creamer, almost running into my boss on the way. Then realizing it was too full to fit enough creamer to make it taste good, so I had to spill some out, add the creamer and very carefully walk back to my desk without running into anyone with my cup of coffee.

Saturday I had a crazy headache, so instead of taking some medicine (which includes caffine anyways) Scott made me my very first cup of coffee from him (pictures above). It was perfect: almost equal amounts of coffee, sugar and creamer.

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