Halloween 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! We dressed up as a cat and a ninja for a last minute party over the weekend.

We dressed Wesley up in a pumpkin sweater my mom got him and it was a little small; he really got sad once we put it on him.

Then I made him a dinosaur outfit, compliments of Martha, and it really didn't turn out quite like it was supposed to but it was fun. I guess you can consider this a saw it made it. I bought a kids shirt on clearance at Target (because our Target didn't have any baby green onsies like the directions) and tried to take it in to fit him. His costume really just turned out looking like a preppy kid from the front and a un-proportional dinosaur from the back. As you can see from the pictures he was also pretty sad in it too.

Halloween this year we also got our first sticking snow and decided to start a new tradition of making doughnuts! But something else crazy happened with the first snow, our house and car were broken in to. The only reason they caught the crazy man was because of his foot prints left behind in the snow. Our house is ok, we learned a lesson or two, and a part was broken in our car, which is now fixed and fine, but it was a crazy Halloween night.

Happy start to a fun Holiday Season! 

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