Friday, February 27, 2015

In an effort to take a break from social media, I am focusing my energy on the every day around me and trying to better myself- make myself more whole.  Some of that includes reading, working on puzzles, bible studies, hoping to take a watercolor and photography course, more conversations and less tv, launching a new business, vacations, trying new things. I hope to post photos every now and then in an effort to remember the days that seem to fly by so fast around us.

> We traveled back to Montana to visit family this past week and I was a nervous wreak flying out of Kentucky, we even saw a UPS plane that slid off the runway... and we still took off!
> There was an epic snow storm in Lexington while we were gone and Wes was in heaven, that North Dakota dog loved it.
> I took a quick day trip to visit my cousin at my alma mater
> Saw a beautiful sunset in Big Sky Country
> The boys went hunting and I found it kind of comical watching them filet their birds on the kitchen counter
> Spent lots of time with family and all the boys wearing buffalo plaid
> We were delayed in Louisville for a couple hours waiting for my brother to get in so we decided to grab a coffee and check out Churchill Downs (aka the Kentucky Derby). We walked around the grounds and gift shop and met the sweetest hours Puddin
> Spent the weekend with my brother having a winer bon fire on our deck while they drank Kirk Light with clean snow as ice- real classy over here.

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