Calligraphy Painted Wedding Signs- Part 1: Dessert Table

Friday, October 17, 2014

I am so excited to introduce you to this project!  It was a big project but such an exciting one.  A client (and new friend Heidi) contacted me through my shop to have five pieces painted for her wedding in Australia.  I initially was going to turn the project down but was so happy I said yes and cranked them all out (I always get nervous with international projects and shipping but these were a breeze! In the mail and shipped with tracking and will be there within 10 days! and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I anticipated shipping 5 pieces of wood to Australia would be).

This first piece is for their dessert table.  She left me all creative freedom to design them as I thought best and provided what she wanted each to say.  I painted calligraphy 'Love is Sweet!' and added in type at the bottom that the 'dessert table opens at 9pm'. 

I end up spending a bunch of time painting these pieces and then am sad to see them go but so happy they are off to a happy home! If you are interested in your own painted calligraphy pieces, please check out my shop. Thanks for looking!

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