Adams Family Book Stamp

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This was one of those projects that was pretty fun to work on and stretched me past my comfort zone.  I had a request from a family whose real last name is Adams to create a book stamp for their family library.  After asking if they had any ideas about what they would like they said "We actually really like the font from The Addam's Family Movie title".  So I went ahead and added some of the elects from the movie font to my calligraphy and came up with what you see above- they loved it.  Then they asked for a spider web to be incorporated, but didn't want it goth or harsh but more soft and subtle like in Charlotte's Web.  I decided in order to keep the web looking organic and natural was to use a real spider web for inspiration and we ended up with the final product above.  It ended up being such a unique and fun project to work on.

You can find your own custom made book stamp here in my shop.

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