Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When Scott and I got married, I took on a load of projects I did myself. My bridesmaid dresses came from a shop on Etsy and somehow I found the same fabric she used at our local craft store and I was able to buy a bunch of it to add straps to the girls dresses and I made matching ties for the groomsmen. I found this tutorial on Purl Bee and was so excited. Little did I know that making seven ties (Scott's included) was a lot of work, and I also had plans to make a couple for the fathers too but scratched that plan in the end (I still wish I would have and regret it to this day). The tutorial was easy to follow and I actually enjoyed making them in the end. They have since changed the tutorial a bit so make sure to do measurements to get it the right length.
Anyways, I made these ties for our wedding and didn't think anyone really liked them, actually I thought that all those guys (Scott included) thought I was a bit nuts for making them but they went along with it.  Well almost two and a half years later, one of Scott's groomsmen mentioned that the tie I made is his favorite tie and how he loves that it is cotton and not shiny like other silk ties. So he gave me a couple colors and a little while ago I made him a couple more custom ties to go along with his work wardrobe. He picked 'burnt orange' and 'a-little-darker-than-royal-blue' (ties in first picture). It felt a bit nostalgic making ties again but I enjoyed it and hope that I get to make them again in the future.

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