Letters For Scott

Monday, November 18, 2013

Scott left on a big trip, or vacation as I would call it- he definitely wouldn't call it that. He is traveling almost every other day for interviews but we get a break to be together the week of Thanksgiving (thank goodness! I miss him!).  Last minute before he left I decided to put together this project for him.

I was inspired by it here, but didn't have the time to put that much effort into it. I wrote him a letter, added a quote at the bottom and printed off a bunch of pictures that most of the time coincided with the topic of the letters. I also wrote on the back of the pictures. I figured enough cute pictures of Wesley sleeping and of us would hold him over for a while and so far he said he really liked them. I found the letters much easier to write then I thought they would be, and since I didn't include a bunch of other stuff then pictures it all came together really quickly. The topics for my letters were: open when... you are happy, you are done with your first day, you are feeling sad, you are bored, you are hungry, you miss me, you are almost done with traveling, you need my love. I miss you baby!

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