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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So... our pup loves to chew but truthfully has never chewed anything of Scott or I's things because we have always bought toys for him to tear through. We had no problem buying him a stuffed animal that would last all of 1 minute but then I heard somewhere that pups like antlers... and well I put two and two together and realized that my father-in-law pretty much has a basement filled with antlers so I asked for some spares and gave them a run on Wesley.

Let. Me. Tell. You... he loves them! I posted about my antler shop earlier (AMEAntlers), but thought  I would re-post about it since I did some design work for it and slashed all the prices to $8/ 6-inch piece of Montana sourced antler. On our summer vacation, I brought a bunch of Wesley's toys and antlers and among all the dogs we got to hang out with they all wanted to steal them! Don't worry I put together little care packages to send them but thought I would let you all know that they are for sale now here in my antler etsy shop AMEAntlers.
Yep... we spoiled him with a huge antler all to him self and it is almost gone!

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