Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yesterday was one of those perfect days, just perfect. Wesley learned to shake! (I had been working with him for about 4 days over the past week and he had no idea what I was saying to him. Then all of a sudden he threw his paw into the air when I said shake and he did it! We were so happy- I couldn't stop laughing) It was such a beautiful day that I got to spend with Scott. My hair curled just right. I really like my new job. I bought a fiddle leaf fig that I have been wanting for awhile (and Scott was excited about it too!- also a plus). I am working on making a purse out of some leather I have and it is coming together really nice. I beat that level on Candy Crush that I have been stuck on for a couple weeks. We shared breakfast outside Starbucks with Wesley and bagels for breakfast. Then we had our favorite pizza for dinner. I got my run with Wesley in. 

Yesterday, we couldn't stop smiling at what a great day we were having. 

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