Wesley's First Bike Ride

Monday, June 10, 2013

We took Wesley on his first bike ride and he did great! We have this great bike path along the river about 4 houses down on our block. He was a little scared of the bike at first, really anything with wheels freaks him out a bit, but he ended up doing great right off the bat. We didn't ride too fast and he kept up great along side Scott's bike. He did try to cross the path a couple times but learned his lesson quick- we didn't hit him! but he got scared when he saw the bike coming at him.

It also was a great excuse for us to get out on our bikes too. It was my first bike ride of the season and it was so nice to remember what it was like to take a ride. I will admit, we were feeling a bit lazy this day and didn't feel like running the 3 mile loop so we did a bike ride for Wesley, but really it was nice for us too.
Then the sun came out! Those are the days we have cherished around here. If North Dakota has taught me anything, it is to appreciate those days with sunlight- I will never forget to be thankful for that small thing. All the grass is just starting to grow back in complete with wild flowers. However, they only bloom on sunny days! So before they cut all the grass along the bike path we took a walk and it was fields and fields of yellow wild flowers.

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