My 25th Birthday

Friday, June 7, 2013

Over Memorial Day weekend we celebrated my 25th birthday. Scotty surprised me with a trip to Minneapolis for the weekend. Our drive down was very rainy, in fact it had been raining for like 2 weeks at this point and rained the whole weekend, but the landscape with the dreary sky, lush green trees and hills reminded me of some scenes form Pride and Prejudice. 
When we got to our hotel, we went up to the bar and had drinks and appetizers since it was late. I had a crazy berry martini and tried the roasted cauliflower (I have seen recipes for them everywhere lately) and Scott got a whisky drink and some crazy sliders. As you can see in the photos the bar was heavily infused in dark purple lighting and a beautiful chandilier. 
We treated ourselves to room service. I think this is what Scott was looking forward to since he planned the trip. We got french pressed coffee, french toast, poached eggs (because I still can't figure out how to cook these!) and fresh orange juice. It came complete with smarties- a fun touch.
Then we did some shopping and wondering around the Mall of America. We got there really early so we wondered around the empty mall through the crazy theme park center and to the opposite side we never walk. After a morning of shipping, we had a Nordstrom lunch complete with some of my favorite tomato soup and a ricotta cookie. Then we headed over to Ikea to pick up some random things where Scott had clearly gotten a little bored and played the guitar out of our new kitchen shelves. 

We took an awesome nap after all our shopping. When we work up, we searched 'restaurants' on our phone and picked the one with the most stars and reviews that was also within walking distance. It turned out to be a place we were recommended to go... Fugo de Chao! It was seriously one of the most memorable and delicious meals I have ever had.

You get this card on your table where one side is green and the other red. Green means bring me food, red means no food for me right now- ours were always on the green side. It was a brazilian stead house where waiters walked around with most amazing cuts of meat that they would cut pieces off of while also bringing you fried bananas and fried polenta (along with a delicious salad bar and drinks!) I had the guy with the bottom sirloin come back around 3 times because it was so good, and I don't eat much meat anymore. We seriously can't stop thinking about that fried polenta.

Turning 25, or getting ready to, put a spark in me that I wasn't expecting. I was slightly nervous to turn 25, I mean it is a big milestone, my twenties are half over and I really don't feel like I am as proud of my accomplishments of my lower twenties as I want to be. So I decided it was time to change some things, first up find a red lipstick that I like and matches my skin tone. I know its not that big of a deal, but I have never worn red lipstick before this day. The nicest lady at Sephora helped me pick one out by Nars. 

Zach and Hannah met up with us at the mall again to also do some shopping (they were there for the big red lipstick debut) and then we spent the rest of the day with them having dinner at their house and then went out for dessert to celebrate Hannah and I's May birthdays. We all had late night coffees and shared four desserts. 
We seriously had one of the best trips. There is nothing like a much needed vacation snuggling in soft hotel beds.

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