Bookcase Renovation

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We built a bookcase! Well kind of... We had this black bookcase from Target that was probably the most unsafe and flimsy thing we owned. It made me nervous when we had guests, dog friends or kids over that the thing was going to topple over either on them or onto our TV. If you touched one end of it the whole thing would sway back and forth, it really was any minute that it was going to go down in a bad way.

During clean up week around here (where everyone puts as much of their junk/ garbage on the side of the road and the city picks it up for you) we found a big panel of wood. We were just going to buy a piece of ply wood and cut it to size but found this free piece of wood and decided to give it a shot. We cut it to size and nailed it to the back and just like that this horrible bookcase because my new favorite (and safer) piece of furniture. No swaying, no tipping- it is sturdy now like a quality piece of furniture! Quick and easy fixer-up. No need to buy something new, we just updated what we had with someone else's garbage- feels good.

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