2012 In Review

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I know it is a bit late but I thought I would try and remember some awesome times in 2012
^^ We ate lots of blizzards of the month to help get through the winter/ We went to Duluth, MN on spring break to go skiing and hang out with friends/ We saw Elton John in concert
 ^^ I celebrated my golden birthday at Toasted Frog, one of our favorite restaurants in Grand Forks/ We also celebrated our one year anniversary. All of this was going on during studying for step one :/

^^We had lots of time at Starbucks, it was always a pleasure to sit outside/ We biked to Dairy Queen/ Our plants made it outside on our porch/ and we were outside as much as possible too
^^We biked everywhere we could/ Chris came to visit and to help us move/ and we moved into a new place in Fargo!

^^Celebrating Scott being done with Step one and our new move, we took off to Vegas to visit family for a few days. Katelyn came into town to say hi and we went and visited the Hoover Dam and the new bridge./ I also helped my dad change the lightbulbs (a regular thing at my house)/ and spied my cat hanging out on the waterfall.
^^One of our trips to Vegas Bobo couldn't be there, but the good news was that we had a layover in Salt Lake so we surprised her at her work and had lunch/ In Fargo, we heard good news and celebrated out with dessert at the Hodo.

^^We went to the street fair and ate lots of delicious fried foods. My favorite were the fried oreos/ We bought a new car/ Went on lots of walks/ and bought a puppy! We still went on lots of bike rides too.
^^With Wesley came lots of naps too.

^^We traveled a lot last summer. We went to Minot to visit friends/ Met family half way in Bismarck/ and made it to Minneapolis a few times (I have to always have the tomato soup whenever we go to Nordstrom)
^^My mom came to visit since we couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving. We went and got her favorite chips at JL Beers and went to Winnipeg for the first time/ Zach and Hannah came to celebrate Thanksgiving with us/ I had my first cup of coffee/ and we got our first Christmas tree!
We celebrated Christmas three times/ spent some time with Scott's family in North Carolina/ after spending time with my family in Las Vegas.

2012 was good and we are so excited to see what the rest of 2013 has to bring!

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