Mom + Winnipeg, Canada

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My mom came to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving since we couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving. We went out to JLBeers, a local burger place here. All they serve is burgers, beers, and fries/chips. Their chips are her favorite. They take a potato, push it through a machine to make homemade chips and fry them, then they cover them with different seasonings and her favorite is Blue Cheese and Hot Sauce.

Then we headed to Winnipeg in Canada since none of us have been. On the way there it got colder and the snow got thicker, it was pretty beautiful. There were wind turbans everywhere for as far as you could see. Wesley came along and I have to tell you it was really no problem taking him across the border. We had his paperwork for his rabies shots but they never looked at it. They were more concerned with us coming back and why we wanted to spend an afternoon in Canada. 
We didn't know what to do while we were in Winnipeg for the day so we decided to make one stop at the Hudson Bay Company. It was kind of a let down, we expected this big museum/ store of all Hudson Bay Company history and merchandise but it was a Sears-like department store with every other level closed off. We did end of eating at this amazing place called Stella's Cafe. It had the most delicious food and grilled cinnamon rolls. How do they do it? They cut an already made cinnamon roll in half, put some butter on it and grill it. Then they serve it with homemade strawberry jam. If we are every back up there for some reason we will eat here again.

And then of course we cooked a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday before she left so we could celebrate. It was a great practice run for when we had guests in town on Thanksgiving. Starting clockwise: sweet mashed potatoes with some gravy, homemade rolls (that ended up in the stuffing on our second Thanksgiving), stuffing, turkey breast with homemade cranberry, wild rice and green bean casserole. 

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