DIY Tree Skirt

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This year I made our tree skirt after seeing this inspiration. It is pretty easy to make and you don't even need to sew anything if you don't want to (and it took me an evening to make)!
I bought a yard and a half of wool felt from Joanns and found it to be the perfect amount for this project.

The bottom two steps are optional, you could buy a plain pre-made skirt and attach the flowers
* Draw a perfect circle on your felt. I attached a string (the size of half the circle I wanted) to a marker and drew a circle holding the end of the string in the middle of the felt
* After cutting out your circle, fold it in half twice making a cone. Cut the cone about 3 inches in (or how ever big the base of your tree is. Make it smaller if in doubt, you can always take more away). Cutting 3 inches in will give you a hole of 6 inches. Then cut one straight line from the outside of the skirt to the inside circle so it will slip around the base of your tree.

* Start cutting out a bunch of "leaves". This part takes the longest but just keep cutting. My leaves were about 2 inches in height. I didn't cut from a pattern I just cut the same shape over and over and over
* Attach 5 leaves together to form a flower (reminds me of a poinsettia). I used a needle and thread, but thinking about it I think I should have just saved time and hot glued them together. 
* Attach the flowers, overlapping slightly onto the edge of your tree skirt all the way around with a dollop of hot glue on the bottom of the flower. 

Here you can attach ties (if you made the skirt yourself) to keep it closed. I just hot glued two spare strips of felt and let them dry. Then I used those to tie a knot.

I think next year I am going to sew gold beads into the center of the flowers to give it a little bit more flair. For reference, our tree is about 6 feet tall. 

Merry Christmas All!

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