My Best Friend's Custom Book Stamp

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I really have some of the best friends and encouragers.  Jenny and I became BFFs pretty much within 2 months of both of us both moving/transplanting here to Lexington.  She purchased about 4 or 5 stamps back around the holidays as gifts and now I made one for both her and her husband, Warren, to stamp in all their books.  In fact I am working on another stamp for her to gift right now! I tell you friends who believe in you are good and important.  Anyways, we created this stamp with a silhouette of the mountain range from where they got married in North Carolina. It has a little special touch to it that will always mean something to them when they see it.  You can purchase your own stamp here from my shop

All stamps are designed with you! You tell me what you are looking for in terms of design and feel of the stamp. I then present you a draft for you to approve or suggest edits to.  After your approval, I have the stamp made on laser cut rubber and a wooden base that has your design engraved on the top to allow for perfect placement. There also is a wooden handle installed on the top to help with stamping.

1 friendly notes:

  1. You are a gem. The sweetest of friends, so talented, and so lovely. Love this post and LOVE you!


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