Knitted Baby Sweater

Monday, March 31, 2014

One of Scott's cousins just had a baby girl and I had asked what she would like or need.  Her only request was something homemade.  I was so happy!  I had found this baby sweater pattern online and knew it would be perfect.  Since she was born in February, I decided to make the sweater for next fall/winter so she could get a little more use out of it then just for a month this winter/spring.  

The pattern is the Wyatt pattern on Ravelry and I could not recommend it enough.  This was my first time every knitting a piece of clothing or anything for a baby before and only had to restart about twice.  The pattern was very easy to follow and very very easy to make adjustments to if you needed to.  For example, why I love this pattern so much is not only is it unisex you could add rows in the chest area to make it longer and a dress for a little girl rather than a sweater.  They also recommend holding it up to your babe as you are knitting to get the length and arms right.  I decided to make it in a white super wash wool, or how the lady at the knitting store called it "mama friendly yarn", so that it is washable and won't shrink.  I figured that was a must when making baby clothing.  Also, she could possible use it again for another child later on.  I would highly recommend making one! Just took me a couple weeks off and on to make.

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