Christmas In Montana 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scott and I both found out we had the week of Christmas off at the last minute.  We decided that if the weather was nice enough we would drive back to Montana to spend it with his family.  The weather was pretty scary over the weekend before, but our drive proved to be dry and quick the whole way (8 hours) there.  The picture above is to document our Christmas together and my first time using a Christmas cracker (they give you crowns in them!)

There was lots of snuggling with Wesley and a white white backdrop. Scott and I accidentally both dressed in flannel for the drive which I didn't realize till I took that picture #flannelcity
(on the left) During our stay, we all went to check out the Army Navy store in Billings because they carry Filson gear that is sometimes on sale.  That store is full of stuff, like lots and lots of stuff. There were all kinds of things hanging from the ceiling (up above me were bullets, a grenade and razor blade wire) and stuff stacked to the ceilings through the whole store. (on the right) I am basically the puppy whisperer. Penne, the wire haired pointing griffon, is within months of the same age as Wesley and they have so much fun together.
Our everyday view.Pretty much the funniest puppy. We were waiting at the drive through at McDonalds and he was perched on our smallest center console.
One of the most beautiful sunsets on the drive home.  That drive was a long one and took what felt like forever but we were lucky to have dry roads.  We also started listening to a book on tape for the first time and are bummed we didn't think to do it sooner!

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