Salt Lake Flowers

Friday, May 24, 2013

The flowers around Salt Lake were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was so refreshing to see something so beautiful, alive and colorful (things around here are looking up but we look like now what everyone else looked like in March- buds just starting to grow). Most of the flowers were tulips and poppies with some others scattered in between.
All of the blooms were huge! Every tulip was about the size of my hand, they weren't the small ones you see in stores but about 6 inches tall. 
I couldn't believe that every tree and plant were in bloom. (above) I have never seen a feathered tulip in person and it was stunning.  (below) That flowered tree was wild, it had all these blooming branches that went in every direction. Also, the color pallets were just amazing to me.
The craziest thing is this is how most of the city looked! Most of these pictures were taken at our hotel but every where you walked or drove you would see flowers planted along the streets in giant pots and in front yards.

Thank you Salt Lake for getting me inspired!

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