We Are In Love

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What happened to us? We started a bunch of new things around here with one of them being this little man that we are totally and completely consumed by. Yep, we checked out of life elsewhere and turned into those people that now have 500 pictures of our dog on our computer, come home to snuggle him and plan vacations around him. I have never seen so many grown men/ young skater boys stop and say the work "cute" or "adorable" to describe our dog- it has been fun. These pictures were from a little while ago, but it totally describes what he looks like around here: looks at you with those puppy eyes if he wants something (to go out side, play, ask you to sit on the ground with him) or running and playing. We are in love.

I can't find the time anymore to do anything on my to do list. With moving to a new town, buying a car, starting a new job and getting a new pup we are still trying to figure it out. Before I didn't journal because I had nothing much to say, now I take the few minutes I have to spend with my two favorites playing ball, at the dog park and trying to convince ourselves to make a healthy dinner and not eat out. Things are busy and good.

Having a dog before a baby has been good for us to see a small glimpse of what being responsible for something else is like. We have come together as a couple to keep our home clean, help each other with midnight bathroom breaks, putting things aside to be a family and walk the dog, realize we still have a relationship that we have to balance and put first; we learn something new everyday and that has been great. It also has put our (real) baby fever on hold for a little while. 

I am going to put this out there to hold ourselves accountable: We are going to go on a run (for the first time in a long time) on Sunday. Thats the day we are committed to start to work out; being healthier and taking care of ourselves. Time for balance. 

Hope you all have something to be totally in love with. 

PS... want to see more pictures of our cute dog?? Follow us on instagram! @amysayerp

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