A Small Update

Monday, September 3, 2012

I thought I would post a small update about some happenings around here. I have been planning on doing this for some time now but life took ahold of everything around here and shook it up.

We moved! We now live in the big city of Fargo, North Dakota. We live in a wonderful duplex on the top floor, a half block from the river/ dog park/ farmer's market/ bike paths, two blocks from a giant park with tennis courts and a couple more blocks from downtown. We are so happy here.

I went home for a couple weeks over the summer and had the greatest time hanging out with my family and sipping tea in the morning before work. Life was great with Charlee too.

We built a 'sofa table' for our plants and I love it. It is fun building a home together.

We got a pup and his name is Wesley. We are so in love and he is the more adorable/ cutest/ best puppy around- everyone who meets him says it too. He is a puggle (part pug, part beagle) and one of my favorite things is when he barks when we play. I am no supposed to encourage it but I can't stand how cute it is. Tip: if you have a dog, and he likes to chew (duh), boil the rawhide bones in beef or chicken stock and they will love it.

Some more news, I got a job! Which is why I am no longer spending 10 hours a day on the computer anymore. Hope you all are doing well! 

The most unusual test- check it out. If I was a professor I hope I would be like this and keep my students guessing my next move.

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